Compliance and Risk Management

Compliance and legal consultation

Acquisition of necessary licenses and certificates

Market access risk management

Connectivity and Infrastructure

Infrastructure offering (AWS/co-location/hybrid deployment)

Cloud-integrated networking for advanced global connectivity and last-mile performance

Infra/Network managed services


Local commercial management

Smart processing of 'Order-to-Cash' journey via Boss platform

SLA settlement

24*7 multilingual call center services

Customer support delivered by highly trained IT professionals

Eco Partnership

Baked-in Sinnet Cloud Platform for market promotion and solution syndication

Local salesforce and channel partners

An operating entity with proven track of records;A plug-and-play landing scheme.

Regulatory Requirements & Qualifications

  • VATS
  • Security (MLPS)
  • Industry-specific certificates and qualifications
  • Biz admin formalities

Local Deployment and Implementation

  • Cloud direct connect and SD-WAN
  • DR and Hybrid deployment
  • Infra and network operation and maintenance

Commercial Management

  • Contract management
  • Invoicing (Fapiao) & Dunning
  • Tax planning & optimization
  • Settlement & Remittance

Localized Customer Support

  • 24*7 multilingual call center
  • Trouble shooting and technical support

Exposure and Access to Local Market

  • Marketing operation
  • Media resources
  • Partnership development
  • Local sales channels
First slide
  • MNC- global leader in consumer electronics

  • Customer Scenario

    A global enterprise well-established in China with self-owned local sales, marketing and technical support teams.

    Looking for a partner to help with regulatory compliance and business operation.

  • CAP Solution

    Sinnet Cloud provided compliance consultation and helped to acquire licenses to meet China local regulatory requirements.

    Delivered commercial operation and customer support services.

  • Core Benefits

    Market access risks mitigated.

    Successfully launched new business with decreased time and operating expenses.

Second slide
  • Japanese software vendor, proficient in data migration.

  • Customer Scenario

    A foreign company wants to enter China with insufficient local resources.

    Aspiring to better understand China market access procedures and to get help with local operation and market development.

  • CAP Solution

    A customized landing scheme of compliance, BizOps and GTM solutions.

  • Core Benefits

    Market entry risks mitigated with deep cost reduction.

    Shortened TTM. Launched its cloud business in China in 4 months’ time.

    Agility and scalability ensured.

Sinnet-Cloud family, We enable your cloud success in China!